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Date: June 10, 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 08:50-09:50 (open at 08:20)
Location: Grand Auditorium, Yangming Campus
(No. 155, Section 2, Linong Street, Beitou District, Taipei City)
Attendees: Distinguished guests, faculty and staff members, representatives from departments and institutes, commencement speakers, graduates, and family and friends attending the ceremony.
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Film Exhibition: Video Art of Remedial Temporality

講者:孫松榮  Song-Yong SING
主持人:勞維俊 (國立陽明交通大學視覺文化研究所副教授)
地點:國立陽明交通大學(陽明校區) 知行樓 322 教室 

Benefiting from technological advancements, 21st-century cinema has witnessed the emergence of new practices and theoretical speculations in the realm of art. Among them, the relationship between film and art museums is particularly significant. The revisiting of Taiwan’s film history by the new generation of video artists in Taiwan can be seen as representative of this trend. At the same time, it has sparked contemplation within the field of Taiwan’s film historiography on the potential of interdisciplinary imagery.

Curriculum Vitae:

Ph.D. in Film Studies from the Institute of Performing Arts Research, Paris X University, France. Currently serves as the editor-in-chief of “藝術評論” and a member of the editorial board of “中外文學.” Previously served as a director of the National Film Center, a chief editor and convener of “藝術觀點ACT” magazine, an observer for the Taishin Arts Award, and a curator for various exhibitions such as “共時的星叢:『風車詩社』與跨界域藝術時代” (2019), “不只是歷史文件:港臺錄像對話 1980s-90s” (2018), “啓視錄:臺灣錄像藝術創世紀” (2015), and the 8th Taiwan International Documentary Biennial Exhibition “紀錄之蝕:影像跨界的交會” (2012). Currently in the process of planning the “一一重構:楊德昌」電影展覽” (2023).

Major research areas include contemporary Chinese-language film aesthetics, film and contemporary art, and contemporary French film theory and aesthetics. Authored the book “入鏡丨出境:蔡明亮的影像藝術與跨界實踐” (2014), edited the books “蔡明亮的十三張臉:華語電影研究的當代面” (2021) and “未來的光陰:給臺灣新電影四十年的備忘錄” (2022), among others. Also involved in the compilation and translation of “電影考古學與世紀記憶:Godard《電影史》文論集'” (forthcoming in 2023).

Through the Lens of Cultural Icons: Translocal Relations, Community Building, and Shared Experiences

⭐講者:Helena Wu (英屬哥倫比亞大學 香港研究與亞洲研究 助理教授)
⭐講題:Through the Lens of Cultural Icons: Translocal Relations, Community Building, and Shared Experiences
⭐主持人:勞維俊 (國立陽明交通大學視覺文化研究所副教授)
⭐時間:112年5月12日 (五) 上午10:00-11:50
※ 本場次為線上英文演講

A Seminar co-organized with the Hong Kong Studies Group
12 May 2023 (Friday 1000-1150 online) Conducted in English

Through the Lens of Cultural Icons:
Translocal Relations, Community Building, and Shared Experiences

Helena Wu University of British Columbia  Helena.Wu@ubc.ca

How does a place or an object become a cultural icon? What do cultural icons tell us about our relationship with places and objects in the city? This talk will explore the thing agency and the place-making power of cultural icons by examining the (trans)formation and the cultural reverberation of selected icons from Hong Kong. In order to unfold interactions and intersectionalities in/as relations, the talk will trace the cultural trajectories embedded in the actor-network of thing, place and body in the textual and material worlds. As a whole, this will enable us to better understand the undermined and the underrepresented, human and nonhuman, and uncover the community building potential in shared cultural experiences.

Dr. Helena Wu is Canada Research Chair and Assistant Professor of Hong Kong Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. She is also Convenor of the UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative. She has written on the topics of Hong Kong cinema, culture, literature, media, and identity for journals and edited volumes such as Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies (2018), Chinese Martial Arts and Media Culture (2018), Hong Kong Keywords (2019), Global Media and China (2020), Journal of Chinese Cinemas (2020), Asian Cinema (2022), HKU Journal of Chinese Studies (2023), and Screen (forthcoming). She is the author of The Handover After the Handover: Places, Things and Cultural Icons in Hong Kong (Liverpool University Press, 2020), where she explores the cultural reverberations of local icons in colonial and post-handover Hong Kong